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Eating healthy includes not only avoiding unhealthy foods but also seeking out healthy foods that can strengthen your smile and tooth enamel. A healthy and nutritious diet can help keep your teeth safe from all of the rigors and risks to which it is often tasked. Because it is often difficult to avoid all potential foods that can damage your teeth, make sure you are practicing an effective cleaning routine as well.

When looking to strengthen your smile, always remember that your diet plays a key role in not only the health of your teeth and gums but also your physical health. Because of this, always avoid unhealthy sweets and treats that can damage your smile. This includes avoiding acidic products or foods that are laden with sugars and carbs.

Snacking throughout the day can increase your risk for dental erosion. Furthermore, a lack of saliva or the presence of sticky and chewy snacks can be harmful to your mouth. Instead, focus on eating foods that help produce additional saliva or are high in the minerals calcium and phosphorus.

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