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Poor oral hygiene habits can leave excess plaque and food particles in your mouth. In time, they can gradually harden into the bacterial substances known as calculus. When this happens the constant presence of bacteria at the gumline can quickly promote the inflammation and infection of gum disease.

This typically starts out as the condition known as gingivitis which can cause your gums to look red or inflamed. Many people suffering with this level of periodontal infection will also notice that their gums bleed easily during daily brushing and flossing.

Gingivitis can often be treated by a thorough cleaning procedure at Dr. Edmund L. W. Char’s dental office in Honolulu, Hawaii. Improvements with your daily oral hygiene routine can then help prevent gum disease from recurring.

If gingivitis goes untreated, the bacterial presence will gradually escalate into the more severe form of gum disease known as periodontitis. This level of infection can cause your gums to recede from the base of your teeth.

In time, significant pockets of infection can start from deep within your gums near the roots of your teeth. Without treatment periodontitis can even cause a loss of bone structure in your mouth.

Periodontitis can also cause system inflammation that can affect your immune system. New research has found that this can impact certain medical conditions including diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer. While periodontal disease cannot cause these problems, it can exacerbate symptoms and potentially limit certain treatment options.

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