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Have you ever been the victim of sleep apnea? The truth is, many individuals may not even know they’re suffering from it. This is because sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that occurs during sleep. Although you may often wake up due to sleep apnea, you may never register as to the reason why. If you have regular breathing patterns interrupted during sleep, you are suffering from sleep apnea.

If an individual is suffering from sleep apnea, it means they will be at risk for numerous oral ailments. Typically, risk factors such as being overweight or over the age of 40 can increase the likelihood that sleep apnea will be present. In addition, if you have large tonsils, a family history of sleep apnea, a deviated septum, or any allergies and sinus problems, sleep apnea may take place. Other common risk factors include a small jaw in relation to your face or a large tongue. Your gender can also play a role in the formation of sleep apnea as males are more likely to suffer from the disorder.

Adjusting your sleeping habits has been proven beneficial in the treatment of sleep apnea. However, in some cases, your airway will need to be opened up. This can be accomplished through CPAP devices, also known as continuous positive air pressure devices. In addition, oral devices and appliances can be used to provide support for your jaw to prevent it from collapsing. In extreme circumstances, surgery will be needed to help open up your airway.

With the skilled craftsmanship of Dr. Edmund L. W. Char and our team at our office in Honolulu, Hawaii, we can make sure your smile thrives with sleep apnea treatments.  To book an appointment for sleep apnea at Char Dental, call us at (808) 450-2155.