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Cavities have been repaired using a variety of methods over the centuries of dental care. The two most common modern choices are amalgam, or silver, fillings, and composite. Composite fillings have come to take the place of amalgam fillings in nearly all dental applications because of the advantages they have.

Amalgam fillings leave obvious silver patches on your teeth when applied. This distracts from the natural beauty of your smile and can make you self-conscious. Our Char Dental team takes care to be sure your composite filling matches the color of your teeth so you can smile with confidence.

An increasing number of people are concerned about the potential safety hazard of amalgam fillings, as a significant portion of them is mercury. More and more people prefer to avoid the hazard of having mercury in a tooth, so Dr. Edmund L. W. Char uses composite fillings to avoid the problem entirely.

At the introduction of dental composites, they were not as strong or long-lasting as amalgam, so dentists recommended using composite in the front teeth to keep a beautiful smile and amalgam in more structurally important teeth. That is no longer necessary, as composite durability and longevity now matches or exceeds amalgams.

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