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Bruxism is an oral health ailment that is caused by clenching or grinding your teeth unintentionally. Because it usually happens when we are unconscious, you may not notice any symptoms of bruxism. One of the most often noted symptoms that there may be something wrong with your sleeping habits is the existence of snoring. However, be careful not to jump to conclusions because snoring cannot be directly linked to bruxism, although it may be present.

If you do suffer from bruxism, you may notice your teeth will begin to look flat or damaged over time. They may even appear loose or wobbly. If your teeth feel extremely sensitive, it may be the result of grinding them through the night via bruxism. Another symptom of bruxism is jaw pain or tooth pain when you wake up in the morning.

Not only will bruxism alter, affect, and damage your teeth, it can also affect your jaw. Bruxism often works in conjunction with disorders that affect the temporomandibular joints in your jaw, also known as TMJ disorders. Your TMJs are responsible for the mouth’s ability to open and close and function properly, and if they are damaged, your oral health will suffer. Grinding your teeth due to bruxism often leads an increased amount of stress on your TMJs, thereby increasing your risk of jaw failure via a TMJ disorder.

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