Getting Full or Partial Dentures to Replace Lost Teeth

Having missing teeth can cause all sorts of problems for your mouth and impact the rest of your life. It can give you trouble chewing, speech impairment, and make you embarrassed about your smile. Dentures or partial dentures are a perfect solution that might be able to fix these problems for you. Our dentist will… Read more »

The Signs & Symptoms of Oral Cancer

The uncontrollable growth of cells that invade and cause damage to the neighboring tissue is called cancer. There are many types of cancer, manifesting in many different areas of the body. Oral cancer, which includes cancers of the tongue, lips, floor of the mouth, cheeks, and hard palate, can be life threatening if it is… Read more »

Composite Fillings are the Preferred Choice for Filling Cavities

Cavities have been repaired using a variety of methods over the centuries of dental care. The two most common modern choices are amalgam, or silver, fillings, and composite. Composite fillings have come to take the place of amalgam fillings in nearly all dental applications because of the advantages they have. Amalgam fillings leave obvious silver… Read more »

Flossing 101

Are you someone who often skips flossing? If so, you could be putting your smile at risk. Without flossing, you are leaving your teeth vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease. Flossing reaches the hard-to-reach places between your teeth and along your gum line where your toothbrush cannot reach. To help you find floss that’s… Read more »

Sugarless Gum – Is It Good for your Teeth?

Gum has long been viewed as something that’s not good for your teeth. However, the opposite is, in fact, true. While sugared gum isn’t good for your teeth, there are plenty of types of gum that actually help improve your overall oral health, as well as the health of your teeth. Let’s look what that… Read more »

Teeth Clenching: The Facts

Sadly, many people clench their teeth without realizing what they’re doing. This is especially problematic because you may clench your teeth while you’re resting. There are a number of issues you may have to deal with if you have bruxism. For instance, your enamel could wear down, which may leave you more vulnerable to tooth… Read more »

How to Pick the Right Toothbrush

When you’re establishing a good oral health regimen, likely one of the last things you’ll consider is whether or not you’ve picked the right toothbrush. You’re probably focused more on ensuring that you have good toothpaste, floss, and have put a good regimen into place. So let’s take a look at the types of toothbrushes… Read more »

Toothpaste Allergy: The Facts

If you were asked to name the dental product that used most often for maintaining your oral care, what would you say? If your answer would be toothpaste, you’d be right. But, did you know that this important aspect of your dental care can cause allergies? Fortunately, these allergies are rare, but they can cause… Read more »

3 Foods for a Healthy Smile

Believe it or not, but your diet plays a major role in your appearance aside from your weight. Your diet can also affect your oral health, and compromise your currently healthy smile. So a healthy diet benefits far more than just your waistline – it helps you maintain that oral health you desperately need. In… Read more »

Let Our CEREC® One Day Dental Crowns Restore Your Smile Confidence

Welcome to Char Dental, the comprehensive, family-friendly dental practice in Honolulu, Hawaii, where we use state-of-the-art dental technology, including CEREC® one-visit restorations for our patients seeking a high-quality, natural-looking dental crown. Dental crowns provide a dental restoration which is beyond the scope of a dental filling to repair. As well as covering a tooth that is… Read more »