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Your partial denture represents a significant investment in replicating the essential function and appearance of your missing teeth. It incorporates a pink base that helps hold it to your existing periodontal structure. Some partial dentures also include simple hardware components to help them connect with the nearby natural teeth.

While the dental appliance was created from durable materials, there a few of the things that could potentially chip, fracture or otherwise damage your partial denture. This could come in the form of chips or fractures to the teeth, damaged hardware components, or a compromised base.

In an event such as this, you need to seek the attention of a dentist like Dr. Edmund L. W. Char as soon as possible to prevent worsening complications. After a thorough examination of your mouth and the partial denture he can help you understand your options.

This might include treating any soft tissue injuries as well as repairing the partial denture. If the unit was damaged significantly he might recommend replacing it entirely.

Going forward you might want to address the cause of the damage to your partial denture and make any necessary adjustments.

If you live in the Honolulu, Hawaii, area and your partial denture has been chipped, fractured, or compromised in some way, you need to call (808) 450-2155, to have it examined and addressed by the oral care specialists at Char Dental.