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Having a child that plays sports can be a strong source of pride for any parent. Even though we’re proud of our kids, there is always a fear and risk of injury. Imagine if your child had a tooth knocked out while playing sports? Avoid that from happening by investing in a mouth guard.

Dr. Char and Dr. Mashimo can help protect you and your family from having dental trauma while involved in sports or other physical activities. Physical contact sports have a high risk of a player damaging or losing teeth. This is why it’s a good idea to invest in a mouthguard for your child to protect them from injury. There are several different types of mouthguards to choose from.

Most sporting goods stores carry boil or bite guards. These type of mouth-formed guards mold to the shape of your child’s teeth after being heated. Pay close attention to the directions if you use these or else they will fit improperly.

You can also look into purchasing pre-formed mouth guards, however, they are unlikely to fit your child in addition to causing discomfort.

The best mouth guards are custom-made by either your dentists or in a dental laboratory. They are custom made just for your child and will offer the best comfort and protection.

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