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Cavities, which are caused by bacteria and acid attacks, are holes that develop in the teeth. Typically, cavities form when you have poor oral hygiene, you forget to visit Drs. Char and Mashimo every six months, or you eat many carbohydrates, like candy, cake, soda, bread, cereal, etc.

Many people think children are the only ones who can get cavities, but that’s not true. Everyone can have a cavity if they’re not careful. Seniors can also fall victim to tooth decay because cavities develop around older fillings. Also, some seniors didn’t take good care of their smiles while they were younger, so their teeth are more prone to cavities.

Fortunately, tooth decay can be treated in a variety of ways. If the cavity is treated early enough, our dentists can use dental filling. If the cavity isn’t treatable with a filling, our dentists can restore the tooth with a dental crown. If this is not a viable treatment option, they can remove infection from the root canal. If these treatments fail, the tooth will need to be extracted.

To learn more about cavities in Honolulu, Hawaii, please call Char Dental at (808) 450-2155. If you have a cavity on one or more of your teeth, please schedule an appointment today. We are happy to help you restore your oral health!