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Sometimes, all of us at Char Dental like to think of our dentist, Dr. Edmund L. W. Char, as a highly skilled construction worker with delicate and precise tools. Just as a construction worker pours concrete to stabilize houses, Dr. Edmund L. W. Char uses hardening dental fillings to secure your teeth, and he does it well. If you have a cavity or hole in your teeth, Dr. Edmund L. W. Char can treat it promptly, efficiently, and painlessly.

The treatment begins with a thorough cleaning of the cavity. Cleaning, disinfecting, and washing will be involved and our doctor will further prepare the tooth with specialized solutions. After this process, it is time to insert the filling.

Our dentist may offer fillings made from:

Gold: An impression is taken in the office then a mold is prepared in a laboratory. Our doctor will cement the gold in place. Gold inlays are easily accepted by the gums and can last for more than 20 years, so many specialists say they are the best kind of filling.

Composite Resins: Matched to the color of the teeth, these materials are mixed and placed within the cavity at the same time. Though these wear over time and can be stained, they are inexpensive and fast.

Porcelain: These inlays match the tooth color and cannot be stained. Like gold, they must be formed in a dental lab.

Amalgam: Amalgam is a fancy way of saying silver. These inlays are durable, water resistant, and non corrosive. They are the most noticeable.

What are you waiting for? If you have a cavity or hole in your teeth, it is time to address it. You can make an appointment by calling our office in Honolulu, Hawaii, at (808) 450-2155.