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Complete and partial dentures are designed to meet with the periodontal structure of your mouth to hold firm while you chew your food. Some partial dentures also include special components that help secure the removable dental appliance with the neighboring teeth.

Even with this firm connection, many people with a complete or partial denture appreciate a little denture adhesive. When a small bead is applied to the base of the unit, and you bite down it provides superior hold.

This can be especially beneficial if you lost your teeth to chronic periodontal disease or you’ve started to suffer minor complications from oral atrophy.

The denture adhesive can also help to prevent food particles from irritating your gums. Even if a little bit of food does work its way in during a meal you can conveniently rinse it away. Then you can dry the base of your denture with a clean paper towel before reapplying a fresh bead of denture adhesive.

It’s also important to look for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance when shopping for denture adhesive. The ADA logo can only be printed on a product has researched and tested for safe oral use.

If you are in the Honolulu, Hawaii, area and you have a question about how to maintain your complete or partial denture, you can call (808) 450-2155 to speak to Dr. Edmund L. W. Char or the staff at Char Dental.